Hi, My name is Malu.

I teach Kundalini yoga in an open-minded, non-dogmatic way. 

How? By encouraging personal agency and intuitive capacity of practitioners over rigidity and formality.

I would describe my approach as curious, intuitive, caring, buoyant, fun, energetic, kind and spiritual.

My practice is the culmination of a deep and ongoing research about what contemporary yoga is all about.

Some of the questions I have been asking are:

What is the origin of yoga?

How has yoga transformed continuously over the last centuries in the context of cross-cultural evolution?

Yoga is ancient, but it is not timeless.

By stopping for a moment to consider yoga’s past, we can recognize the crucial role that all of us can and must play in shaping its future.

In my classes I integrate a variaty of tools which I find useful for opening up, cultivating resiliance, releasing blockages, and engaging with life in a new way. 



Winter Crafting Ritual with Malu 


Every ritual involves intention, attention, repetition.

In this workshop we will riff on the principles of rhythm & repetition found in Kundalini Yoga, to connect to our ability to create and dissolve.

Through intention and a set of somatic experiences, we will work on the processing and digestion of emotions. Using our hands and a set of simple, primitive tools, we will craft an amulet to seal the process.  

A little object holding intention, that we can wear, on and off the mat.

18.12.21 16:30-19:00h at HAR STUDIO

In collaboration with Berlin jewelry label YINKANA

Price : 25€